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Millard - 27 May 10:36

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Bruzewski - 29 March 13:48

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Michael - 10 January 13:18

Idk i think if i had to decide to cut some genitals off as an adult/teenager i would be mad. its like getting circumcised when you a teenager, its not gonna be fun. at least when you get it done as a baby you wont remember. i suppose the risk is making the female a female when it actually wants to a boy. although i have no experience with that sorta stuff so perhaps i shouldn't say anything

Monte - 6 July 19:19

But is your show and you can do whatever you want, just please also understand the frustration and the bigger picture here.

Spanswick - 10 May 11:51

But in popular science fiction xeno as a prefix, is used especially as a way to denote alien species, not just foreign nationals. Also it may be a crappy joke today, but are you saying that if we ever met an alien species and some humans fell in love with them that their love would just be a joke? I am for all organisms of sapience of every combination of sex, and gender identity, to be allowed to pursue and legitimize through marriage their attraction to every combination of the former.

Darty - 27 September 19:47

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